After choosing a keyword with relatively low competition and a decent amount of traffic, it is finally time to start your very own blog. However, before you start it, you may want to consider purchasing a domain name first. Don't get me wrong, using a simple blogger blog such as this one is fine and all, but gives you limited capabilities. It is much better to own a domain in the long run as you do not have to worry about the owner closing it down without your permission.

A good way to choose a domain name is by using the free tool Domainsbot. I highly recommend choosing a domain that matches your keyword choice. For example, if your keyword is "vegetable gardening," then use as your domain choice. Using your keyword in the domain will increase your chances of a higher ranking in the search engines but even more give you initial results much faster.

After choosing your domain, it is time to get yourself some hosting. Again, this step is completely optional if you are just using Blogger's host. If you are not planning to though I highly recommend Hostgator as a good hosting company. Use the video below provided by the Thirty Day Challenge as a guide through the sign up process.

After following the steps in the above video, you should have your own domain and hosting account created. The next step, however, is to point your Hostgator servers to your domain registration account. Both the username and password for your domain registration account should have been sent to the email that you provided to Hostgator during the signup process.

To point your servers over to your registration account, just log into your hostgator cpanel account and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it shows your server information.

Now simply just copy and paste the name servers into your domain registration account.

There you have it, you finally have your very own domain and hosting account. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the domain to propagate, so I will give you the next step in the process in a couple of days. On my next update I will cover the blog creation process using Wordpress Direct and show you how to write your first blog post using my secret on page optimization techniques.

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